Lake Toba at a Glance

Are you going to take a vacation to Sumatra Island? If so, one of the most favorite places to go is  Lake Toba, which is located in North Sumatra. It is said thousands years ago a volcanic lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Toba. As a result, a giant crater was formed. Over time, water began flooding the lake and formed this crater until nowadays. The pressure of the magma, which had not come out cause the appearance of Samosir Island in the middle of the lake.

Lake Toba has a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide. At first glance, this looks like a volcanic lake ocean. Not surprisingly, this lake was named as the largest lake in Southeast Asia with an area of 1,145 square kilometers. With a depth of 450 meters, it is not surprising that Lake Toba is the deepest lake in the world. There are many interesting experiences you can find here, including natural attractions and historical tours. The first thing you see in Lake Toba is a cool atmosphere, a blue expanse of clear water and stunning views of the green mountains.

Village Batak

Interesting Activities in Lake Toba

There are many exciting activities you can do in Lake Toba, ranging from biking, mountain climbing, swimming, playing Jet Ski or banana boat and sailing while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. The air in this area is very cool and clean so that you will feel so fresh. The beauty of the sunrise from the shore of the lake you can enjoy in the morning. While at night, you can feel the atmosphere around the lake; with the decoration lights decorate many hotels. In addition, you can feel the wind chill as well as heard the music clearly from the hotels around the lake.

You can see the pine forest landscaped with beautiful and enchanting waterfalls around Lake Toba. Additionally, you can see a land that looks like the back of a camel. That’s why this place is called the Tanjung Unta, meaning Cape Camel. Near the lake, there is a sulfur spring. Local people believe that this spring could heal skin diseases. If you want to visit Samosir Island, which is in the middle of Lake Toba, you can sail by renting a boat. There are two lakes on Samosir Island. They are Lake Aek Natonang and Lake Sidihoni.

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Why do so many people prefer to stay on Samosir Island? Samosir Island, which has an area almost the same with Singapore, is home to Samosir Batak tribe. They still adhere to ancestral beliefs, to perform various rituals ancestors used to do earlier. There are several historical tours you can do in this island. One is to visit the cemetery of the kings in Tomok. If you want to see these tombs, you should use Ulos, a traditional cloth, which has been prepared. The most famous king’s tomb is the tomb of King Sidabutar. He was the first person to inhabit Tomok. His tomb is made of large stones without connection, carving decorated the king’s face. This tomb was 500 years old. Besides the tomb of King Sidabutar, there are the tombs of two kings successors and several other royals.

Mt. Pusuk Buhit

Another historic place you should visit is the Museum Huta Bolon in Simanindo. You can see traditional house of Batak Simanindo, which is a relic of King Sidauruk. You can also see other collections such as custom clothing, Ulos fabric and coffins. This coffin contains Sigale-gale Doll. This famous doll in Batak is a sculpture that can dance. After visiting the museum Huta Bolon, do not miss to see Stone Trial Ambarita village. Trial stone is a stone shaped like a table. Once upon a time, this stone is used to execute the prisoners. They were convicted of a crime, whether it is a murder, theft and rape will be beheaded in this table.

Once you complete all those interesting places, it’s time for you to choose souvenirs of Lake Toba. There are many alternatives souvenirs you can take home as Ulos fabric, Batak of wood guitar, t-shirts, key chains, accessories such as ancient Batak calendar with original writing Batak and other souvenirs. Another place to shop is a traditional market held twice a week. In this place, you should be able to bid on items of your choice at a low price. Well, you have all of these information, are you ready for a vacation to Lake Toba?