Bukittinggi, when we talk about the natural beauty of the island of Sumatra  off course  we will not  be apart from this city. Ciity that become the  second largest city in West Sumatra is indeed a unique natural beauty. Within 95km from Padang city, this city can be reached in 2 hours by road either use a taxi or other public transportation. Located on a plateau in the midst of western Sumatra province, covering an area of 25 239 km2 city beautiful stretches of 27 hills and valleys are ready to make you chuckle in awe of the beauty of the relentless and featherbed your vision during the trip.

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The most famous valley between a series of hills and valleys in the city is known as the Ngarai Sianok. Canyon which has a depth of 100 meters and a length of 15 meters offers a very charming panoramic beauty. Valleys with large stone gorge is as enclosed by various trees that grow on the surface of the stone and the narrow gap that extends as far as 200 meters along the canyon is a very beautiful panorama bid and ready to make you amazed when see it. Not to mention the green expanse that is a testament to the fertility of this canyon panorama park will make you feel comfortable and cool all the way. In addition, in the beauty of the panorama, Ngarai Sianok also has a historical building in it, known as the Lubang Jepang. This hole is a cave hideout of Japanese soldiers during a World War II is ready to welcome you with the ethnic inside.

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Known as other names Tri Arga (three majestic mountains bless), making the town of Bukittinggi as a city that has the cool air of the mountains. Three majestic mountains consisting of Mount Merapi, Mount Singgalan and Mount Sago and supported by the city’s inland location which is 900 meters above ground level make this city has a cool weather with average temperatures ranging between 16C-23C. With the temperature susceptible will provide a sense of comfort and fresh when you visit this tourist town that one.

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Besides known as the Tri Arga Bukittinggi also known as Fort de Kock at the time of Dutch colonial rule. This title is also used as the name finally one Dutch forts in Bukittinggi. The fortress was founded by Captain Bauer in 1825 it was used as a bastion of the Dutch army in the face of war chaplain. Today, the area at the fort was also used local government as a wildlife park. This can be seen when you enter the area of Fort de Kock is, along the way you can find a cage for birds to animals of all sizes. But do not worry, though used as a wildlife park but the environment in the area of the fort is very clean so it will not interfere with your comfort when traveling, even complete tourist destinations in this place, from the middle of this fort overlooks beautiful part of the city of Bukittinggi is very fascinating.

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In downtown you can visit the Jam Gadang which is the icon of the city of Bukittinggi. This landmark built in 1926 with a building height of 26 meters and 80 centimeters in diameter clock was founded by Yazin and Sutan Dental Ameh has a story and is unique because in addition to the age of these hours were already hundreds of years as well as to turn the ornament of this sieve hours. Behind the story and the uniqueness of this sieve hours, there is one more thing that makes this clock more attractive. Machines of hours sieve is believed there are only two in the world, namely clock installed in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra and clock mounted on Big Ben, England.