Lampung is one of the provinces on the island of Sumatra. If you have the opportunity to have a holiday in Lampung, make sure of visiting the Kelagian Island. The island is in Padang Cermin, Pasawaran, Lampung Bay. Many people call the island as the Bali Island of Lampung. Why? Because the island is not only very beautiful but also is still very natural as well.

Location of Kelagian Island

Kelagian Island is located approximately 40 kilo meters from city center of Bandar Lampung. The journey from the city center is only about 1 hour to the first stop, the beach Klara. From here, the journey continues by motor boat, takes about half an hour to the Kelagian Island. This motor boat rental fees are vary depending on the size of the available boat and bargaining skills you have. One thing for sure, at the weekend or holiday seasons, the rental fee can be slightly higher. During the journey to the Kelagian Island, you will enjoy amazing views along the beach. Moreover, the atmosphere in the beautiful island is less crowded than the other nearby island, like Pahawang Island.
What to Do on Kelagian Island
Once you arrive on Kelagian Island, there is an admission fee that you have to pay, once to enter the island. The ticket price is quite cheap, especially when compared to the beauty and satisfaction you will get.

Visiting Kelagian Island seems to have a private island because the island has still a few visitors. But as the time flies, thanks to some publicity, the island has a lot of visitors on holiday season. So make sure you do not visit the beautiful island on holiday season for a quiet atmosphere.

Kelagian Island is famous for its white and smooth sand. Every time the sun shines, you could see the texture of the sand so white and clean. The sea is also blue, clear, calm and no waves. That is why the island is suitable for snorkeling activities. A marine park in the island is still very natural, including coral reefs and a variety of fishes, which you can easily enjoy while snorkeling. There are rocks that resemble cliffs and unspoiled. Even if you are lucky, you can see a very unusual blue stingray from a very close distance.

For this snorkeling activity, you can rent the snorkeling equipment around the coast. If you intend to snorkel during the day, you should use a snorkeling suit that covers your entire body so your skin will not get burn. During the snorkeling, you will see some broken corals, which were damaged by fish bombs. However, the beauty of the island is still stunning. One thing to remember, while you are snorkeling, you should not be tempted to touch any fishes or coral reefs. You would not know whether they are dangerous or not. Well, for photography lovers never miss this wonderful moment to capture the beauty under the sea with your favorite camera.

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Not far from the coast, you’ve been able to photograph the charming fishes and coral reefs.

Another interesting water activity on the island are fishing or sunbathing. There is a sort of shelter under the trees that you can use to relax. Please bear in mind; if you want to play on the beach, you should be wary of jellyfish, which could attack at any time. There is a good thing if you come to the place on holiday season. You may rent swimming equipment and banana boat for those who want to enjoy the beauty of this island.

You can stay for some nights or have one day trip on Kelagian Island.

Firstly, for you, who only have one day trip, you may use the available some rooms for changing clothes and toilets on the island. Secondly, for those of you who want to stay for a night or some nights, you may spend the night at the lodges around the coast. There are several alternatives to choose. There are some lodges, which you could rent at various rates, with the maximum capacity up to 8 persons. Or if you prefer to stay the night in the open air, then this option would be more interesting to you, which is spend the night in a tent on the beach. To spend the night in a tent, all you need to do is ask for permission to officers, who are on the island. For your information, the electricity is only available at night. It is advised you bring enough food and drink supplies. But if you are too lazy to bring all the stuffs, do not worry, you could buy some instant food and drink here for affordable prices.