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Underwater World

Above and below the water Enggano island is sure to amaze you on your island escape.

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Open Water Adventure

Throughout Sumatra there are many ferries taking adventurous locals and tourists to amazing and remote locations. Locations that are still being discovered today. We are waiting for you to get out of your comfort zone. —————————————————- Location: Pulau Baii Gear: DJI Phantom 4 ————— PLEASE READ —————— TO USE AS A REPOST ON INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK OR […]

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Surfing the trade winds of the Indian Ocean

Surfing in Sumatra is nothing new and is becoming the new secluded location for those seeking less crowds on the waves escaping the Bali throng. Even in the neighbouring islands of Mentawai things are getting to be crowded. This is where the new (old) remote location of Enggano Island starts to shine.

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