So many people are turning to Indonesia now to find the ultimate surf trip. Indonesia has many great and well known spots to visit for surfing but there are also some great hidden locations that not many people know about and don’t have the large tourist crowds. Enggano Island is one of those places. It has many great little reefs off the coast to explore for surfing. It’s a good time of year right now to take advantage of some of those reef breaks off the coast of Enggano island.


From the comfort of your own home wherever you live in the world, we can help you organise your trip to Enggano island right down to the last detail, from accommodation in Bengkulu, getting to Enggano, to your guide and camping at prominent surf locations. If there is no surf then there are plenty of beautiful locations to visit and take in the amazing wildlife and sea life.

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Don’t forget about DUA island, a small sub island off Enggano island. When you are done surfing the reefs of Enggano island you can head over to DUA island and relax in the tranquil settings of one very beautiful island and watch the sun set from under the palm tree over the Indian ocean.