As the old adage said nature is the mother of life. In fact, our real life is the nature itself which have been witnessed the very first part of our beginning. Everybody cannot be far from their piece of life. Everybody has right to have their balance in life, to absorb the nature’s atmosphere, draw energy to recharge the soul and return to life with new spirit. This is what is being offered for everyone who comes to Lagundri and Sorake beaches. This is truly a perfect tropical point break for a life changing experience. 

Both Lagundri and Sorake beaches located 13 kilometers south-west coast of Nias Island from Teluk Dalam subdistrict, North Sumatra. White sandy beaches embrace together with warm sunny light and soft whisper of the wind to swiftly enhances your positive energy and brings unlimited tranquility.

the Woolpacks and a Red Mare's Tail

Getting there from Kualanamo International Airport, Medan to Nias takes about 55 minutes then hop onto a minibus for next 3 hours travel-time past the rice fields, past many Christian villages and many rivers to Lagundri beach at Teluk Dalam. Alternatively, from Padang city by land transport to Sibolga for around six hours then take a ferry for another three hours to Gunungsitoli.


Towering coconut trees so dense at the west side of the placid Lagundri Bay greets every stranger in most intimate way. Blue skies across a blue crystal clear of the ocean draw every unbalance inside. Fresh air mixed with the wind of blow touches hungry soul that search for perfection from nature. Walking on bare foot on sandy beach feels like relaxation as surrounding by the borderless picture of the ocean. Whilst enjoying fresh orange juice or fresh coconut cocktail to exchange every second time spend to get there. A lighthouse beautifully standing on the other side of Lagundri beach completes the rest of the scenery. The beach wave in Lagundri is not as high as Sorake. Here, visitors can swim in the clean water on white sands. Remarkably, it is a magical studio for any photographers to combine the bay and the perfectness of trees surrounding the beach.

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Leaving Lagundri, there is another beach nearby, called Sorake beach. Lagundri and Sorake lay in a coastline only two kilometers away. High waves always with massive reefs on the beach.  Every morning many surfers grab their surf boards to catch a wave and ride the break the whole day, while at the other side of the hostel few visitors spend the day in their lazy hammocks. Beginner surfers are also welcome and guided by a professional surf instructor.

Sunrise at Sorake

Surfing passion for Sorake waves seems to never end. Wave level and quality on this beach is only second after Hawaii. Professional surfers always ride the best waves up here which can reach seven to ten meters high. The best wave level at Sorake is during June or July. Surfers enjoy around 200 meters hollow wavy alley in a perfect tides. 

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Visitors are free to choose any of the hostels managed by the locals nearby the beaches for low cost budgets of around USD15 per night for backpacker facility. Surfers usually stay in Sorake for weeks. This Sorake has been discovered to be one of the best places for those who love to rush an adrenalin rush.

Most villagers do not surf. However, many of the families now rely on the seasonal surf tourism as their main source of income. The pure hospitality of the villagers offers visitors to enjoy the other side of the islands natural resources which brings feeling of home. Fisheries and farming also play a part of the villager’s livelihood in Nias. Their activities provide alternative adventures aside from the beaches.

When visiting, do not forget to try the tropical fruit Durian of Nias. Many said the taste is very special to durian elsewhere.

These beaches paradise are provided by nature so people surf the energy of balance and always available to everyone who search for pieces of nature’s heaven.

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