Surfing in Sumatra is nothing new and is becoming the new secluded location for those seeking less crowds on the waves escaping the Bali throng. Even in the neighbouring islands of Mentawai things are getting to be crowded. This is where the new (old) remote location of Enggano Island starts to shine. With very little foreign visitors and the ease of access to west coast surf locations found around the islands of Enggano it is the new escape for the adventurous surfers. Surfers from around the world are starting to find Enggano Island the new destination for secluded surfing locations, from Australia, Brazil, Europe and America Enggano Island is starting to feature as a destination for surf trips in Sumatra.

Two islands off the south coast of Enggano Island, Pulau Dua and Pulau Merbau are the best locations to base your surfing adventure. With the surrounding coral reefs around these two islands it is not hard to spot a great location for swells entering off the Indian ocean. If those two locations are not providing the best surf then jump into a fishing boat and adventure up the west coat of Enggano Island for a few days searching the many reef breaks for the best surf, living off a catch of fishing every day provided by the friendly local boat crew. It’s not difficult to see why Enggano Island is becoming the new go to location for Indo surf and surfing in Sumatra.